Appraisal rights recently received increased attention after the Delaware Chancery Court's May 2016 ruling in the Dell case, which valued Dell shares at 28% more than the $13.75 paid to investors in the company's 2013 management-led buyout. That means Michael Dell underpaid investors by nearly $6 billion. However, the company has paid dissenters just $37 million of that $6 billion. Why was $5.96 billion left on the table? Because Dell's shareholders did not properly exercise their appraisal rights.

Dell is not unusual - there are hundreds of appraisal eligible M&A deals each year and roughly 10-15% result in appraisal petitions. As a fiduciary, you should be identifying those deals that are undervalued, and where appropriate, asserting your statutory right to receive fair value for your investments.

Watch FRT's on-demand webinar to learn:
• What are appraisal rights and how are they perfected?
• What are the results of past of appraisal petitions and premium awards?
• How can you avoid issues of standing at the outset?
• How can you ensure you don't miss an opportunity to exercise your rights in cases like Dell?

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Webinar: On-Demand Replay
October 19, 2016