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Webinar: Antitrust Class Actions: The Evolving Fiduciary Landscape

Antitrust settlements have recently gained media attention, most notably a series of settlements involving Foreign Exchange (Forex) Benchmark Rates, which have resulted in more than $2 billion being made available to investors. Other high profile cases include a $1.9 billion settlement related to alleged manipulation of the Credit Default Swap market and litigation filed against several global banks for alleged manipulation of the LIBOR benchmark rates.
These prominent cases are not the only ones - there are currently dozens of active cases falling under federal antitrust law, Commodity Exchange Act and other non-securities causes of action. As an investor, it's likely your firm has been affected by anti-competitive activities. But recovering damages from antitrust settlements does not come without challenges. It can be difficult to identify the opportunities and determine your firm's eligibility to participate, and the claim filing process can vary depending on the administration of each case.

Watch our on-webinar as Mike Lange, Esq., Litigation Counsel at FRT, shares insights into:

  • What is an antitrust litigation and how does it differ from a securities class action?
  • How are investors affected by antitrust actions?
  • Best practices for addressing relevant litigation
  • How to recover damages from antitrust class action settlements

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FRT’s International Group Actions Whitepaper
Institutions have started looking beyond securities to recovery opportunities in other areas touching their investments and operations. Beyond submitting settlement claims forms and opting out to pursue direct actions in US courts, institutions are now monitoring and considering securities litigation matters in other countries. Download the whitepaper.

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