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Webinar: Participating in Non-U.S. Group Securities Litigation

The process for an investor to participate in a non-U.S. group action differs from that of a traditional "opt-out" class action common to the United States. While the mechanisms for non-U.S. group securities litigation vary between jurisdictions, the process for an investor to participate is rather standard.

Participation in a foreign group action often requires more involvement by the firm and its legal counsel, so having a resource dedicated to addressing foreign litigation is crucial.

Watch our on-demand webinar as Chris Looby, Director of Operations at FRT, shares insights into:

  • Changing U.S. Jurisdiction
  • Growing Scope of Non-U.S. Group Securities Litigation
  • The different steps of a firm's participation in foreign group litigation
  • Examples of how Financial Recovery Technologies, through FRT Global, aids in the securities litigation process

More Information

FRT Global Assists Institutional Clients With Complex International Claims Recovery Services
FRT Global is an information and research practice that complements FRT’s existing global class action recovery capabilities and expands its international reach. FRT Global is designed to meet the growing demand for research and analysis on non-US settlement recovery opportunities by providing analysis and facilitation of potential recoveries from non-class action settlements for institutional investors. Learn more.

International Group Securities Litigation: Global Landscape Continues to Evolve in Wake of Morrison Decision
The Morrison v. National Australia Bank case has changed the global landscape of class action recoveries. An important consequence of the decision was to increase the time and attention investors must allocate to evaluation potential litigation in non-U.S. jurisdiction. Download the report to learn more.

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