2016 Year In Review

Antitrust Class Action Litigation & Settlements

In recent years, institutional investors have moved beyond securities suits to recover damages from losses on investments covered by U.S. federal antitrust laws and the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA), or more simply, Antitrust Class Actions.

Investor attention has focused on these matters in the wake of seemingly endless financial scandals affecting benchmark rates and their related instruments. Last year, nearly $2B was disbursed in settlement funds from the Credit Default Swap (CDS) Antitrust Litigation alone.

2016 Year-In-Review Research Highlights

  • Increase in the number of antitrust cases in the U.S. and globally
  • Complexity of antitrust cases leading to longer administrations
  • Rise of Dutch Foundations and increased direct litigation overseas
  • U.S. Attorneys General are competing with the plaintiff bar

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