2016 Year In Review

Global Group Litigation & Settlements

The global securities litigation landscape continues to grow and evolve. 2016 saw a record number of global opt-in actions filed – nearly a 56% increase from 2015.

We’re closely monitoring an uptick in activity across the globe and a number of emerging jurisdictions, like Taiwan. Within jurisdictions that have been consistently active, like Australia, we’re seeing more parties involved (litigation funders, law firms, investment recovery firms), as well as new and inventive causes of action.

2016 Year-In-Review Research Highlights

  • There was a record number of global opt-in actions filed in 2016, with 43 new actions in nine different jurisdictions; nearly a 56% increase year-over-year
  • Marked by the $1.2 billion Fortis settlement in March of 2016, Dutch Foundations have emerged as a mechanism to resolve pan-European matters, including Volkswagen, Petrobras and FOREX
  • Cost and complexity are still the determining factors for institutions’ involvement in global litigation, leading to rapid increases in activity in “no-risk” jurisdictions like Australia, that reflect U.S. claims filing

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