FRT Antitrust 

A Primer on Antitrust Litigation 

The pace of antitrust settlements is accelerating. Of the more than 40 active antitrust matters, at least six have partially settled with hundreds of millions sitting in escrow accounts. In most of the cases, litigation continues against other defendants, creating the potential for more recoveries in the future.

Most notably, as in the $2.3 billion Forex Settlement, antitrust cases tend to involve more complex settlement administrations and financial instruments. Class counsel and administrators rely heavily on experts to assess damages and formulate distribution plans.

While some receive publicity, other matters settle without much fanfare. However, settlement amounts are nearly 300% larger in antitrust class actions than traditional shareholder class action cases creating significant opportunities for substantial recoveries. 

What you will learn:

  • How antitrust cases differ from shareholder class actions

  • There are four primary stages of the antitrust recovery process

  • Outsourcing can deliver high value