Securities Class Action Claims Purchasing:
The What, How and Why of Monetizing an Expiring Asset

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Fund closures are commonplace, yet it is an infrequently examined subject. Funds shut down for a variety of reasons; liquidation can be related to fixed-term funds with designated termination dates, redemptions by large investors, underperformance, or departures of key personnel.

While the decision to wind down is never easy, there are some key challenges of the liquidating process. Monetizing your future class action claims can help:

  • Ease the administrative and operational burdens: Eliminate the costs and headaches of managing class action claim checks for years to come

  • Maximize the value of expiring assets: Receive dollars now for all your class action claims exposure including claims that the closed fund will not file in the future.

  • Improve your governance program for closed funds: Opportunity to close the books and alleviate the burden of monitoring cases, managing claims, and distributing recoveries years after the fund(s) has closed.

Attend our webinar as FRT's Jeff Kirstein and Caleb Caldwell, share insights into:

  • How can selling your future class action settlements help you properly close out a fund?

  • Why should you think about a future claims recovery program?

  • What are some of the challenges associated with closing a fund?

The live webinar was held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Please register to listen to the on-demand webinar.



 Jeff Kirstein, Executive Vice President, Financial Recovery Technologies

 Caleb Caldwell, Financial Analyst, Financial Recovery Technologies




A Primer on Future Claims Recovery

Not all fund closures are alike, therefore understanding the various elements of a fund wind-down have become a topic of importance to managers and investors.

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Analyzing Offers for Non-U.S. Securities Claims

The excess funding capital fueling growth has created a third option for investors – selling their claims for cash – and is opening doors for participation by capital sources unable or unwilling to underwrite entire cases.

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